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A New Direction

Release Date: Dec. 10th 2010

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1. The Beginning of the End
2. Animosity
3. Cover to Cover
4. Close to Home
5. A New Direction

About the Album

It’s been said that as a band matures so does their sound; Loftland is no exception to this. Determined to create a transparently honest and sonically organic recording, the band chose to work with James Paul Wisner [Paramore, Underoath, Dashboard Confessional] on their second release. So, on October 4th they made the journey from their home in Wisconsin to St. Cloud, Florida where they spent the month living and working with James. The result was the five song piece of work deemed “A New Direction”. About the album, frontman Dominic says, “The overall theme of ‘A New Direction’ is moving forward. The songs are about realizing that sometimes the places we find ourselves aren’t always the best places to be. What I’ve learned is that once we’ve come to that realization then we can make a change.”

Album Reviews

“It isn’t really my job to discover new bands…but something inside of me really enjoys finding a really good band that no one has ever heard about outside of their home town.

“A New Direction” starts off with a tone-setting track with “The Beginning of the End”, as the pop rock band with alternative and pop-punk gleanings begins the EP talking about moving on from a relationship that has come to its conclusion and a look forward to what’s next. ”Animosity” is the next track and serves as the band’s “single”…”Cover To Cover” follows in a familiar angst-driven attitude seen throughout the EP, but includes a great anthemic gang vocals that declares that the song is all about “The Author”, if you know what I mean. ”Close To Home” serves as a near ballad, near worship song, and all around feel good track. ”A New Direction” lets us leave the album as we picked it up, with the conclusion that sometimes we have to move on from one thing that is failing to what we should really be putting our hope in.

For a band that is off the radar, Loftland just might themselves on the map soon enough, as long as they keep charging hard with the hooks that make their pop rock sound and their heart for God in their lyrics fuse together for an all around good performance. Mix in some top notch production and they just might be your next favorite band.”

-Christian Music Zine

“Loftland is choosing a great new direction! The new sound in music along with the ingenious lyrics leave the listener in an almost phantasmagorical state of mind after they listen to the 5 tracks! It also challenges the audience to live a more God-centered life, and that is my favorite part of Loftland’s new album! Definitely A+ work!


“The special thing about this release is it’s very uplifting. After listening to the five tracks on the album, all I want to do is worship our wonderful Savior! The guys in Loftland truly impressed me by writing about things that we can all relate to! I highly recommend adding this to your musical library.”

-Kt<3 Anberlin

“I am very supportive of this new album. This “new direction” is original, containing melodies and lyrics that have not yet graced the ears of mankind. For those of you reading this review who have not yet listened to Loftland, my personal opinion is that you should buy the song ‘Animosity’, for my ears are telling me that it has, by far, the most creative lyrics and that it fits in nicely within the title of ‘rock’ of which is a very esteemed and respected title that I only bestow among the worthiest of bands. Bravo.”


“Wow, what a great album by a bunch of AWESOME dudes!!! So impressed how the recordings sound, really mature sounding.”


“From a marvelous opening to a satisfying end, this latest release from Loftland will certainly not only make you weep, but have you standing tall and jumping for joy. A truly one of a kind experience ”

-spongebob awesomepants

“I love the new album! I like how easy it is to tell what your saying. New direction is my favorite! Outstanding work!”


Animosity Single

Release Date: Nov. 16th 2010

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1. Animosity

About the Single

Animosity is the first thing to be heard from Loftland, since their previous release “Shhh…Just Listen”, in close to two years. The song is a hard hitting, four-to-the-floor rock song, in which frontman, Dominic Gibbs, lyrically paints the picture of the struggle faced with an inner demon that has seized control of his emotions and ultimately his actions.

Animosity Reviews

“This song gets me pumped up to hear the rest of the CD! AH-MAZING!”


“I love this song! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the cd!! This song is a MUST download!”

-Sharon Alaniz

Shhh… Just Listen

Release Date: Feb. 17th 2009

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1. I Know
2. Waiting for You
3. Self-Destructive Man
4. Why Should You Believe Me?

About the Album

Loftland’s first EP was recorded at Jen’s Kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee with co-producers Seth Mosley and Juan Otero [Newsboys]. The EP is only a small taste of the sugary, hook-laden songs that this band is sure to continue cooking up. Absolute Punk had this to say of the band’s first efforts, “The tracks have a much more refined sound than you’d expect from such a young band, and the musicians have all the chops they need to play this genre.”

Album Reviews

“Loftland is both entertaining and wise. Their lyrics really spoke to me and made me smile!”

-Sharon SXE

“This album is legit. The lead singer Dominic Gibbs is an amazing lyricist!!! Get this album.”

-Grant W.

“I was first introduced to these guys at lifest in july. They convinced me to come to their show and I have to say I was definatly impressed with their live performance. I was a little bummed at the time, bought their EP, and was very encouraged because the songs applied very well and were sweet. Though some may say they sound stereotypical for their genre, I would have to say that they are still finding their feet. BUT…Self Destructive Man has a very original melody and idea to it, so I definatly suggest buying it to try this band out. I personally like them and would recommend them if your like this genre.”


“You guys are great! Your EP album is amazing! Can’t wait for the new EP after Florida. Keeping you guys in my prayers and can’t wait to see you at Lifest.”

-Alyson De Vries


-Karlie R

“whoaa. i JUST saw these guys at districts @ the KI center in greenbay, wi. :D

-Lauren Lemke