5 Rules To Create The Perfect TV In The Living Area

5 Rules To Create The Perfect TV In The Living Area

Furnish with care the stay includes a special attention for the TV area, increasingly important and star inside the house. The focus of conviviality in fact move from the dining room to the living room, where everything seems placed according to the television as a source of recreation.

The arrangement of sofas insertion screen on the wall, by the system of lights, sound aspect we see then 5 essential factors to consider to create a relaxing and impeccable tv area.

Eye lights

Measuring out the light component within the living area mean enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in all respects. Even more so, compose a perfect TV area referred to benefit in the best way, it will be a fundamental step. Consider the reflections on screens and act accordingly with the inclusion of tents or directional arms on which to rest the TV; Also take care to lighting you choose, an added value will be certainly the intensity adjustability.

Use of sliding panels

It is however said that the perfect TV area, this must necessarily be visible, indeed. For aesthetic and functional reasons, an introduction of a sliding panel with hidden track in the shelves, to reveal or hide the TV if necessary, and to make it more dynamic and versatile structure that contains it, as well as the wall in which it is inserted.

Think audio and dissemination

Another important factor in achieving optimum TV area is undoubtedly the audio system. To be evaluated with care depending on the size of the room, the thickness of the walls and the space available, take advantage of a good sound equipment will be a pleasure to which they can not live without. The stylish detail Speakers and speaker design theme with the decor of your living room.

The wall system is fine

Where to place the TV How contextualize nell’arredo How to combine practicality with a visual taste of surrender All questions to answer becomes simple opting for a wall system. Dear especially to the most modern environments, this solution will be useful not only to take advantage of the wall in all its breadth, but also precisely to enclose the screen and make it part harmonic interior design. Arm yourself then consonant and linear a wardrobe, taking the necessary measurements, or expect shelves or wall cabinets that can do according to your television. Estimate also the back of the TV if it is an open space area why not conceive it to see it from both the living and the kitchen

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