An Incredibly Modern Home With A Surprise

An Incredibly Modern Home With A Surprise

The house we’re about to meet is located in the city of Buenos Aires, and has as its objective to ensure a natural and quiet life to the family that lives.

The authors of this project are experts from the architectural firm Claria & Claria, which they proceeded to hand over the house in two stages. The family in fact, pressing a part of the structure was ready at first, and had not an incomplete look. The second half however, was completed when the family had three members in more, and has therefore had to proceed without affecting the normal trend of the family. But we are going to touch the result of so much work

straight lines and warm light

In general, when you decide to live away from the city, you do it because you want to live more closely with nature. It is precisely for this reason that this project was born! The house is in fact surrounded by a peaceful garden, where features fragrant flowers and plants well selected. The property itself is rather impressive, and despite the large volume is characterized by discrete and clean straight lines. The façade walls have been built with perforated brick and plaster, all covered with a special plastic material which not only guarantees the tightness, but also the right elasticity in case of microfractures. warm lighting then, is the perfect completion to this first impact.

Black and white

The design of this ultra modern kitchen and essential is the first point of strength that comes to mind watching. But if you look more closely, there are there are many details worth mentioning that make it functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. The centerpiece of the environment is clearly the central island, predominantly black, surrounded by stools from white futuristic design. Notable media for lighting that characterize the entire environment.

The island wood

In this case we have instead a natural wood island that produces a very striking effect. Very nice combination with other materials, glossy surfaces and especially the brick wall. The mix of styles and materials is certainly a winner and is testified by the high stools positioned around the island steel. The atmosphere is cozy and invites you to sit.

Combination of materials

Another interesting combination of materials is the one that sees the same environment the use of granite, wood and marble. Get help from an expert in the choice of the marble on the market because there are endless varieties of grains and colors. Choose according to the context of the surrounding décor, your sense of style and that of your loved ones. But do not underestimate the color must be in harmony with the others in the room.

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