USA. Nonprofit Of The Tax Authorities In The Political Crosshairs Taxing Donations

USA. Nonprofit Of The Tax Authorities In The Political Crosshairs Taxing Donations

The idea of ??the US tax authorities is to put your hands on your non-profit organizations and all those unknown donors, the underwater world of supporters of the policy.

According to a report in the New York Times donors like David H. Koch and George Soros you might have many taxes and money on their millions of dollars in contributions to advocacy groups nonprofit.

In 2009 and 2010 jasa konsultan pajak jakarta, George Soros, the billionaire investor, has donated more than $ 12 million Euros in such groups. One of these, called Americans for Prosperity and anti-Obama, for example, has been generously funded by David H. Koch, billionaire known in the US.

The Internal Revenue Service said it had sent letters to five donors, who were not identified, to inform them that their contributions may be subject to gift taxes.

France ready to tax second homes of foreigners

They could be foreigners to pay, at least in part, for lost revenue after the French exchequer wealth tax cut on high incomes (ISF). The Council of Ministers has trans inserted in fact among the compensatory measures for a taxation project of second homes whose owners are foreigners, or the French who do not have residence in the motherland. It is, according to a first estimate, approximately 360,000 properties, mostly concentrated in the tourist areas, such as Provence, the coasts of the South or the Normandy, and of course in the capital, whose town has long denounced the invasion of buyers non-residents.

British, Dutch, Chinese and emirs of the Gulf, but especially many Italians, which according to data from the Ile-de-France notaries, the Paris region, are the main foreign buyers of homes in the City of Lights, with 24.7% of transactions. Figures similar to those of the French Riviera, where, according to a recent study, Italians have more than 22,000 holiday homes. The tax, says expert real estate market Agence France Presse, will be ‘calculated at the rate of 20% and applied to the rental value of the property.

A formula that emphasizes, above all, would be to the disadvantage of the owners of midrange buildings, as for those who can ‘afford to buy a luxury item’ ‘not’ certainly pay 15,000 or 20,000 Euros in more than ‘a year that changes something”. The decision to implement this new tax, they explain from the Ministry of Economy, is the observation that ” they are the owners of one or more ‘second homes induces, directly or indirectly, to benefit the local and national public services (police and gendarmerie, justice , infrastructure) ”.

How Will It Be Netflix Success

How Will It Be Netflix Success

It is likely, however, that the content of the battle does not come down to a fight between two Netflix and Vivendi, because it is coming down on the pitch also Mediawan, the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) founded by three French entrepreneurs Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse Pierre-Antoine Capton to acquire media companies.

And yet, also in France, there is the great activism of French-Israeli financier Patrick Drahi, that the head of Altice Group (internet provider Numericable) has gradually acquired the operators SFR, Virgin Mobile, Portugal Telecom, Cablevision, the group NextRadioTv average (with the first all French news channel BFMTV), historic titles of French publishing as Libération and L’Express until the TV rights of the Premier League.

The idea of ??creating a European giant that manages to oppose the Anglo-Saxon giants is an old warhorse of the French business world, that just with Vivendi Jean-Marie Messier has known in the past one of his most bitter failures konsultan pajak jakarta. In the more limited field of cinema, he has also tried the Luc Besson film with his production company EuropaCorp and La Cité du Cinéma. If in the past these attempts were cloaked in a cultural side, and passed off as the noble effort to oppose hegemony entertainment in English, now that size seems less decisive. The point is to establish itself in a lucrative market, do business, and maybe even build up a network of influence that might come in handy to protect the other business. It applies to Xavier Niel, the billionaire who made his fortune before autodidact with Minitel Rose and then by telephone Free Internet operator, then became co-editor of Le Monde. It is also true for the Lazard banker Matthieu Pigasse.

Bolloré wants to reduce loss of Canal Plus in the pay TV and enhance the role of the group in the production of films and television series – for decades Canal Plus is the main engine of French cinema – to launch the subscription video on demand service, like Netflix, later this year. Watch will be addressed, as well as southern Europe – thanks to Telecom Italy, Mediaset Premium and Telefonica – also in Germany and Latin America.

The French tendency is groped success in convergence, idea a few years ago that back in fashion: hold the content, and the networks with which to distribute that content, so quadruple play (fixed, mobile, Internet, television). From France to the German giants Bertelsmann and Axel Springer to the Sky by Rupert Murdoch, which brought together into one group its activities in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Austria, the media groups are organized and consolidated to counter the great Anglo-Saxon groups, competition authorities permitting.

Barbecue Time 13 Ideas for Your Home

Barbecue Time 13 Ideas for Your Home

Summer also means barbecue! Who does not like to spend Sunday with friends or family enjoying meat, fish or grilled vegetables The perfume of the brace is a certainty, as well as the fact that a real barbecue is to be made outdoors. We have collected many beautiful ideas for you, from more traditional and minimalist solutions, to recessed, steel or brick.

In short, there are no excuses for not having a barbecue in the garden!

A pergola with integrated barbeque

Is your garden dominated by a majestic tree Have you ever thought that it could be a great natural element for making a pergola to live in summer evenings Since we’re on the subject, give it a nice BBQ for wonderful dinners in the company.

A kitchen with city view

The roof can become an incredibly useful space for getting a hospitable area to welcome your friends. You can install pools, build a solarium and set up a large barbecue for wonderful lunches and dinners. Designer Arq Renny has created this structure with a stainless steel barbecue or grill, with a 5-burner hob, a rollicker to get virtually professional quality results comfortably on your terrace.

Fun dinners in the garden

If you can count on a large garden with stainless steel appliances, vases with many plants and a living area with exposed stones, it will be the ideal setting for savoring pizzas or barbecued meat in the open air.

For the most experienced there is the smoker

Whoever makes a barbecue a reason for life can not venture into the world of smokers. The model here is perfect for preparing grilled ribs, grilled meat and roast chicken. It is made of varnished iron with a thickness of 5 mm to withstand high temperatures.


This barbecue built into the fireplace is a very common pattern that you could see in many rooms. The structure is traditional a charcoal tub, a tool compartment and of course grid space. The outside parts are very useful to support. Note the very nice design.

Paella Festival

Slabon Forja Creativa has built this barbecue with a very special design that also contains a paellera. A unique structure that will become the main attraction of this garden in summer. The system can be electric, gas, wood or carbon. Practicality but also an eye-catching look with a beautiful stone counter that is well matched with the wooden pergola.

Steel barbecue

What about this portable stainless steel barbecue. We chose an essential but absolutely functional and generous one. An object with almost industrial flavor to keep well and use often.

Understand The Basics Of Photojournalism

Understand The Basics Of Photojournalism

It can be argued that photojournalism is the most universal form of mass communication. Writing and speaking require knowledge of a specific language but a visual image can almost always be understood by anyone. Facial expressions, emotions, movement and body posture as well as the composition, lights and shadows can tell a story much better than words.

Definition of Photojournalism

At the most basic level, photojournalism means telling stories with pictures. But, in addition, the stories created must follow the rules of journalism akusewa. Must be true stories and the journalist should try to tell the story behind the photos in the most fair, balanced and impartial as possible. A photojournalist can work almost anywhere and for anyone, but mostly it will be in newspapers, magazines, periodicals and news websites. Their number is increasing, and often they are also found in radio stations that, thanks to the arrival of the Internet, have evolved.
The work of photojournalist

A photojournalist is primarily a photographer stringer or freelancer, or is a photographer working for several newspapers and for most projects. They can contact different organizations and request a specific task (take for example a particular event) or require the services of a photographer for a specified period of time. The most common employer for the photojournalist is a news agency it is now always on the hunt for fresh and photographs for many different topics. The real problem for a photojournalist is to get in touch with these agencies and above all to make analyze their shots. The easiest thing is to travel agencies or directly in and groped to show their work to some editor or contact, via email, the same agencies (or newspapers) giving you a preview of their work. It goes without saying that, in the case of newspapers or websites that publish fresh news, it will be very difficult to place on the first shot of the images try these cases to build a preferential channel with some editor to potergli also send real-time pictures taken of some particular event.

The work assigned to the photojournalist

The life of a photojournalist can be exciting. You can be sent anywhere to meet all needs. More than photography and journalism, the variety and diversity of experience can be the most rewarding part of this profession. Obviously do not expect, the first job, to be shipped in some remote region, but be prepared to cover events such as General may be a dinner, a fundraiser, a protest, a press conference, an awards ceremony, a tree planting , a speech.

Wide-Angle Lenses

Wide-Angle Lenses

Although it may seem strange, even a wide angle lens can be used to make photo-type close-up or macro although, as with the aim of above example, are complicated to use a 28mm has a focusing distance of 3.5 cm from the subject and is able to realize a 14X magnification. It goes without saying that the main problem is the focus (again, the is realized by moving the camera and not by acting on the nut). Another problem is the too close to the subject, especially if living, would not take kindly the goal.

The advantage of using a wide-angle is the width of the image if you do not push up to 3.5 cm can be captured as well as the subject also a good slice of the surrounding scene.

standard lenses, telephoto and zoom

By continuing to browse our photo kit, the standards objectives are not exactly the best traditionally these objectives are similar to the human eye (50mm on a full frame or a 35mm on an APS) and little sensor lend themselves to macro photography, as opposed to telephoto lenses.

Telephoto lenses, in fact, when combined with the close-up lens or extension tubes, can help in those cases when you can not get close to the subject to photograph an insect, for example, it makes more sense to use a tele 200mm with lens close up added in order to avoid that the same insect escape. Also for nature macro applies a similar concept to use a long focal allows to separate the subject from the background.

As telephoto lenses, even for zoom lenses, those with extremely long focal length, can be worth the same speech. For these two categories, however, we must always remember one thing because of their constitution, function as macro only at certain focal lengths (often these goals have a note on the camera body itself which limits the zoom range to the relative size area macro). Obviously, as they are interesting solutions, do not expect the results that are in some way comparable to those obtainable with dedicated objectives.

The operation failed in the picture below If the presence of similar flowers does not create disharmony, it is created from the bottom broken and too much light in the right part. The use of a cardboard backdrop to the flower shoulders would definitely created a better effect than obtained in step.

20 Houses to a Plan From Which You Can Crawl

20 Houses to a Plan From Which You Can Crawl

If we have ever lived in a one-storey home, we know the benefits all of the stairwell’s absence is ideal when there are elderly people or children in the family. Not to mention the fact that it promotes greater communication between family members. In addition, with a pinch of organization, a one-storey home can be as comfortable as a home on several floors let’s look at the next images together and find 20 homes on a plan from which to draw. Let’s watch them carefully and choose our favorite!

A rustic cottage suitable for modern times

Wood, stone and sloping roof the typical features of rustic-style houses, here reinterpreted in contemporary style, to create a rustic cottage suitable for modern times.

Contrasts and volumes

Smooth walls and exposed stone to create fascinating contrasts and volumes – an unusual combination that is really hard to resist.


A traditional house with a white facade and wall lamp posts and roof tiles used as a decorative element perfect for those who love the Mediterranean style.


A house in perfect minimalist style, characterized by an elegant frame that also serves as a porch.

Minimal and colorful

Orange, yellow, gray and white for a minimalist but colorful style home the ideal solution for the villa at the sea.

An attractive facade

An intriguing game of volumes and textures this is how we could summarize with a few adjectives this sophisticated home on a single floor, embellished by the green of a small bed.

A simple prism

A house that we could catalog as a futurist a simple prism that extends along the ground, offering a large living space.

Small and with a nice porch

The stone lining and the beautiful porch that runs along the façade are the highlight of this delightful country house. To note and copy the large windows, ideal to capture as much natural light as possible.

Stone and wood

It combines tradition and modernity with this elegant villa offered by the architect GIAN MARCO CANNAVICCI, where ancient and primitive materials such as wood and stone are wisely used to create a modern and essential form.

Contrasting styles

If there was no frame to keep them together, the 2 parts of this house would seem to belong to 2 different homes!

An old house

We inherited the old family home Here’s how it could be the final result if we recovered the original materials and decorations.

Modular in wood

Are we lucky enough to own a building plot This modular wooden house could be a practical and inexpensive solution to finally make the dream of a home without spending a fortune.

Camera Asus Zenfone 2 Reviews

Camera Asus Zenfone 2 Reviews

The ASUS Zenfone 2 on the card has all the features that put it as an absolutely complete smartphone for this paragraph as well. On the other hand find cheap smartphones with rear camera of 13Mpx, 5Mpx front and dual flash led is a fairly rare thing. Unfortunately, however, at least with regard to the rear camera and the toe and snaps, the photographic quality is absolutely unrelated to what the paper could be a good camera.

Photos taken with this device can therefore only be considered sufficient, especially when used for social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), but when enlarged they have visible faults they are mingled, grainy and have a large dose Of background noise Unfortunately, these defects, although to a lesser extent, are also present in photos shot in optimum light conditions, while photos taken under lighter light will also have a very unsatisfactory result. To do a little better then we will be forced to give up almost the tip and snap and take several test clicks, perhaps by intervening on the many shooting modes and on the various options available.

However, the shooting quality offered by the 5 MP camera front is different. In fact, this manages to do a better job better, allowing us to get some good selfies. It is also great to implement a comfortably integrated timer in the shutter release button and able to give enough time to the user to set up and shoot a beautiful selfie.

All this means playing, watching videos, and so on. You will enjoy a very high level of experience. As far as gaming is concerned, we have been able to test with excellent titles such as Real Racing 3 and we have never noticed any problem or drop in framerate, a fact that demonstrates how much the processor along with the GPU can even make one of the best Heavier titles of the moment with regard to graphics.

Speaking instead of the sound of the speaker, we are certainly not in the front of a qualitatively excellent case, but the audio quality averages being able to reproduce the high good enough and at the same time not being able to offer good enough bass (somewhat like All devices belonging to this price range). However we noticed that the volume is slightly higher than the average, which is definitely appreciated in this device.

Work From Home Serious And Safe

Work From Home Serious And Safe

Working from home is an attractive revenue opportunities and investment, but be careful of scams! Here’s how this new and exciting world that is increasingly growing.

Working from home is becoming, or perhaps returning to be, an opportunity to gain more and more appreciated. In times of crisis and labor costs soaring, in fact, be able to produce something cheaply is a good find. In addition, many people (especially women) prefer to stay at home, where they can care for their children and carry out family matters without a work-related stress runaway hashtagoption. The choice (of choice if it is), however, requires the attention of the reflections and important, as well as a “next” regulation against this type of employment. Indeed, there is much confusion with regard to this new world of work and a fear of the uncertain and blunders that prevent them from taking off as, perhaps, might.

The web has become a place of exchange, trading, commissions and agreements that, if protected and tutelanti, could create a new labor market: it would be enough to recognize a number of scams that are circulating on the network than the notorious “easy money sitting comfortably at home “. In general, in fact, the comfort of sitting at home does not correspond to a real gain. It is more often round, but always assuming you find a channel of serious and safe. But how do you recognize the seriousness of a work network? Well, this is a difficult task but possible! Let’s start by saying that the work from home can affect both the network both the profession. The latter, if enhanced by the strength of the web can become a guarantee of earnings. A list of the types of work will help us see what are the activities to be carried out from home most classic and which ones modererne

Traditional work at home


Work from home last generation

Writing for the web
Trade its products through the online store
Personal Store: supermarket online and virtual stores
Data Entry on commission

In the first case, it is mainly physically perform the work or educational manufacturing being in your own home. This type of trades has evolved so that today, you can give lessons, translations by, or meet users on the web, chatting, Skype, social networks, rather than in the classical physical message boards or by word of mouth. In the second case, however, we are dealing with jobs that require the use of the network as a key requirement of work.

A Home For Whom It Would Be A Mortgage To Life!

A Home For Whom It Would Be A Mortgage To Life!

In this book of ideas we want to show you a really dream home, almost to the limit of reality! It is a villa characterized by very special shapes, a unique character that is consistent in the various environments. The result is a strong personality home, where each element reflects the strong idea behind the project. Even the shapes generated by the outside pavement and the meadow interact with those of the building! Let’s go and discover this masterpiece by the architect Aquiles Nìkolas Kìlaris!

The facade

The façade is really amazing! Of course, we are talking about a villa, a luxury residence, so this beautiful building has required a considerable investment, not accessible to everyone, but dreaming does not hurt, no Noteworthy is the special shape of the balconies, which give birth to a true symphony of curved lines, taken from the outer floor.

The entrance

Entering we are in a white-dominated space. Extreme luminosity and precious materials already in the entrance! Beautiful marble wind rose on the ground! To break the continuity of the white walls, a contemporary picture, a canvas on the shades of red.

I study

The office has strong contrasts and dominating everything is undoubtedly the red fire wall, to which the bookshelves are attached. The lights – modern LED spotlights – are perfectly tuned to ensure maximum visual comfort even in the absence of natural light. On the ground we notice a beautiful parquet light and, in order not to miss a detail, have you noticed the window work, with its grooves

The bathroom

Such a modern home needs a modern bathroom! Here we find, besides a great elegance, a lot of originality. The washbasin, shaped round, rests on a chrome-black and white support – which gives a touch of extra character. The mixer’s shape is also very special.

The living area

We come to the fundamental part of the house the open space area! This setting is really immense and incredible for the game of volumes and heights that characterize it. The helix scale dominates everything, making space dynamic and giving personality to this fabulous setting. The top floor with its curved line and the play of spotlights in the countertop make the rest. The floor, with gloss finish, enhances the brightness and gives further charm to this spectacular space.

To decorate even more a rustic bath where the stone reigns sovereign, it is possible, for example, to alternate it with patterned decorative panels that do not contrast too much with the rest of the rural lining but rather complete it by taking back the very shades of the stone

About Focal Lengths In Photography

About Focal Lengths In Photography

Inside the situation is complicated, especially as a function of focal length. As previously mentioned, most focal length means a greater number of lenses and we can realize how complex it can be a telephoto watching this insight if I counted correctly, the number of elements is 13 (why are concave or convex back Articles on the distortions) which makes this lens an object particularly complex to build, produce and transport also considering the overall weight.

This split second (Leica) makes us better appreciate the components. Notice how thick the lenses can be and how complex the whole mechanical part around the same (there are both zoom which focus) smilesmultimedia. This objective is entirely analog (there is no electronic track) and also lacks the part relative to the diaphragm as incorporated in its machine body.

At normal allocation of lenses, a lens, traditionally, contains electronics. And in particular the mechanism for the automatic focus and the stabilizer. Both of these mechanisms can be disabled via a switch located on the side on the objective body (usually close to the machine body)

As for the different types of objectives that we can find for sale, the list is very long and complex, ranging from fisheye to wide-angle lenses, from canvas to canvas and then move on to the super special objectives which can be a lensbaby (we will see them in future articles). For now, here is the list of focal (from Wikipedia)

By the way, you know how to build a target No Here’s a great video that will explain how it’s done

Last but not least the stabilization essential to reduce vibration, it allows you to earn up to 2 or 3 stops (most is just legend). With the use of the stabilization you can shoot without vibrations and hand-free up to 1 30s, a very interesting time. Obviously the stabilizer has a considerable price and is less effective on zoom lenses (because of the higher sensitivity to vibrations) compared to wide-angle. Although, in the wide-angle, often stabilization is useless precisely because the lack of sensitivity to vibration.

In this way increases precision and not a little. Latest gem that can be useful to consider is the possibility of buying a lens that has the ovverride manual auto focus that is when we intervene manually on the ring, the lens automatically disables the AutoFocus without the need of our intervention selector which usually equips the standard lenses.