The Best Photo Editor Apps

Most of us certainly often do the photo editing process using certain software and we are sure among many photos editing software available, most of us will choose Adobe Photoshop as the main choice. Yes, it’s not wrong, because Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo editing applications to date. However, there is one problem that comes with Adobe Photoshop users, it is the cost problem. However, there are some photo editing apps that you can use for free and they work great!

Best Photo Editor
Best Photo Editor

 Best Photo Editor Apps for Free

  1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free photo editing application that offers a variety of features and can be accessed online through its official website. Pixlr itself provides two versions which are the Editor and Express versions and they are available in the mobile version. For Pixlr the Editor looks more or less similar to Adobe Photoshop, where you can find the toolbars column on the left side of the screen and the navigator panel on the right side of the screen that contains layers and history. Whereas for Pixlr Express you can use the Browse Photos feature, Open URL, Webcam, and make Collage. This application allows you to edit photos ranging from adjustment features, 3D effects, create shapes, crop, and selection, create gradients, clone stamps, blur, and much more.

  1. SumoPaint

Not much different from Pixlr, this SumoPaint application also has a pretty similar appearance to Adobe Photoshop in terms of placing toolbars and navigation panels that are on the side of the screen. You can create various shapes, gradients, make curves, crop, and blur, create 3D effects, adjustments and many more. The only thing that distinguishes this application is the placement of a color selection box that is directly in the right navigation panel making it easier for us to choose colors.

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