Barbecue In The Garden, So Many Ideas To Set Up The Dedicated To Grilling Area

Barbecue In The Garden, So Many Ideas To Set Up The Dedicated To Grilling Area

Summer barbecues are a pleasure for many and who has a green area must furnish it with care! If you have a barbecue in the garden, equipped area in a functional and comfortable way here are some tips.

With the arrival of summer, equipping the garden to be able to better enjoy the green space of the house is always a good idea, and those who love to entertain friends can not fail to have a barbecue. Choose one that best suits our needs is crucial, not to run into a spending badly calculated, then, once you understand the characteristics of various models of garden barbecue and considering the space available, you can proceed to buy more just.

The barbecue area, however, must be kept and furnished in a functional manner. If you have special needs and not hosted many people, a square metal table and wrought iron chairs, will give a vintage touch to the garden jual rumput sintetis. If, on the contrary, hosted a large group of friends and family, betting everything on a long wooden table and two benches solid in this way you will not have the clutter of chairs and the atmosphere will be more warm and familiar.

The dedicated barbecue area can also become a seated area, you can just choose the sofas with removable cushions, a low table, solid, comfortable armchairs; those lucky enough to have a pool, can equip the barbecue are around this area, leaving the sun loungers and deck chairs, and adding stools and high tables to comfortably enjoy the barbecue grill. Do not neglect the lights, even in the garden barbecue area lit carefully the structure and created the special light, that will make the magical garden during dinner. Even the flowers and plants can make an original aspect to the barbecue vases with plants and exotic flowers, but also aromatic shrubs, small roses, fruit trees and vines, all the flora that will give a cheerful and lively look to your garden. Remember, then, that some plants have the power to keep mosquitoes away lavender, geranium, marigold, lemon grass and catnip are beautiful to see and very useful during summer dinners.

A truly original idea to create a full of character We bring the art even in those rooms that habitually we never decorated with a picture, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the environment we opt for a vibrant and rich colors subject, rather than for a composition from the most delicate shades and relaxing. For a fresh and bright colors characterized by food we could for example choose a painting characterized by vigorous and energetic brush strokes, in order to create an even more dynamic and engaging environment.

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