How to Make Couscous Paulista


cuscuz no microondas

Recipe Details

  • Main course
  • 00:30
  • 8 servings


  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • half small red bell pepper
  • 2 cans of sardines, drained
  • 1 can of corn, drained
  • 2 tablespoons chopped parsley
  • half a cup (tea) tomato pulp (100 ml)
  • 2 cups water (400 ml)
  • 1 sachet of Seasoning SAZON ® Green
  • 1 teaspoon of HOME RECIPE ™ with Pepper
  • 1 cup of cornmeal (100 g)
  • 1 small tomato cut into slices
  • 1 egg boiled cut into slices

Method of preparation

  1. First, In a large saucepan, place the oil on a medium heat. Add onion and bell pepper, then saute for about 3 minutes, or until they shrivel.
  2. Add the sardines, parsley, maize, tomato paste, water, seasoning Sazón ® and RECIPE FOR HOME ™ . Let it cook another 10 minutes, or until boiling. Put the cornflour all at once, stirring until dry and loosen from the pan.
  3. Remove from the heat, pass to around bore of center hole (19 cm in diameter) greased. If you prefer, decorate with the tomatoes in slices and with the eggs, after that let it sweeten.
  4. Turn out the couscous and ready to serve.


The Couscous Northeastern pasta is prepared with corn flour, while the Cuscuz Paulista is made with various ingredients.

Kitchenaid KSB560 Parts and the Great Things about the Blender

Kitchenaid KSB560 Parts and the Great Things about the Blender

Don’t worry too much when you have to find Kitchenaid KSB560 parts. On the contrary to what people believe, you can actually find the parts quite easily, if you know where to look. It’s all about general knowledge, really, on how you should recognize the needed parts as well as knowing where to find them in case of emergency. If you are smart and clever enough, you should be able to look for the required parts without fuss or hassle.

Before we are talking about Kitchenaid KSB560 parts, let’s talk about the device first, shall we? This Kitchenaid product is basically a powerful blender that has all the needed features and quality. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, which may seem simple and ordinary. Most people think that it is only a regular device until they have to try by themselves. As the result, they are often marveled by the quality of the device as well as the powerful features that are packed within the machine.

Kitchenaid KSB560 Parts
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If you consult the official website of Kitchenaid, you will see that the company states that this device isn’t an ordinary or usual blender. It has been designed through complicated and long production stage so you can have yourself a reliable and also powerful machine. Yes, it has a powerful motor with reliable performance that results in the consistent outcome. It is able to do different kinds of things, such as liquefy, mix, stir, puree, or chop. Can you use it to blend and mix food ingredients, including herbs and spices? Yes, you certainly can. Can you make it to make juices or smoothies? Why not? It has the features to make those things? Can you crush ice cubes or blocks with this blender? Yes, you can. In short, whether you want to prepare drinks or foods, this would be the perfect option for you.

What are other things you can expect from this blender? It comes with five different speed settings, allowing you to have easy, convenient, and versatile mixing moment. Whether you want to make smooth puree, soft and juice smoothies, or simply ingredient blends, feel free to use it. The five speed setting will help you; either you want to have a super smooth outcome or a fast blending result.  Moreover, the jug is sturdy and solid, with generous size as well. Simply throw in anything you like and be sure that the jug will be able to accommodate it. It also acts as the serving jug so it is very efficient.

Basically, you don’t have to worry about the Kitchenaid KSB560 parts because they are durable and won’t easily damage with proper care and maintenance. However, if your blender is damaged, don’t forget to note down the numbers of the parts. Consult the internet if you want to do the online purchase. If you have extra time, go to the supplier and consult the seller. They should be able to help you.

Having such a premium and quality blender is super handy and efficient, especially if you are always busy around the kitchen. You are always in need of a reliable assistance. Make sure to properly care for this blender, and you don’t have to worry about finding Kitchenaid KSB560 parts anymore.

Yard House Palisades as Strategic Local Restaurant

Yard House Palisades

Yard House Palisades is probably one the most strategic and accessible local restaurants in the US. Why is that, you may ask? Well, thanks to its location inside the shopping center, the chances are many people or shoppers would come here just to grab a bite or have chit chat with their friends. No wonder that this place is always crowded by day shoppers.

Does this place only offer a great place for shoppers to have a break here? Well, no, it does not. Yard House Palisades does come with many variations on the menu, either lunch or dinner menu. If you come in a certain time, the chances are you can get special offer packaged in Happy Hour with which you will get cut priced menu on anything you can ask for.

Besides that, this local restaurant does also prize its reputation as the perfect place for people to have a little pick me up. Yes, it actually refers to the collections of beer it comes with that you cannot find in many other places. Thanks to such variations, many people will not have hard time picking which drink they want in Yard House Palisades in CA shopping mall.