How to Stabilize the Causes of Acne


How to stabilize the hormone cause of acne is important knowledge for you who want to get rid of acne because the hormone is not balanced. That said, the acne that appears on the face is actually due to an “error” in our body.
Naturally in the human body there are many glands, and each gland produces certain compounds needed by the body. In the skin there is a gland called sebacea, its function is to produce sebum oil compound as a natural lubricant to keep skin moist.

If the sebum produced by sebaceous glands is the number of fit and balanced, then the skin will be maintained health. The problem is that under certain conditions sebacea can become “error” and produce more sebum than is needed,

Know the hormones that cause acne

Hormone is a protein compound produced by the endocrine gland, serves to activate or accelerate the work of a particular organ or function in the human body. Speaking of acne, there is one type of hormone in the human body that is often believed to be the cause of the appearance of acne, the androgen hormone.

The unbalanced number of androgen hormones, in this case the amount that rises to be too high is the cause of the appearance of hormonal acne. Our discussion will focus on this issue.

To lower high-pitched acne hormones in the body, there are several steps you can take from the easiest to taking the drug. Here are 7 ways to stabilize the acne-causing hormone:

1. Reduce consumption of sugar and carbohydrates

  • Reducing the hormonal changes that cause acne by way of sugar and carbohydrate diet is the easiest start step for you to do.
  • Foods that contain sugar and high carbohydrates, both can increase the amount of hormone cortisol and estrogen in the body. Which of these two hormones is often associated with the cause of the appearance of acne.
  • Try to diet sugar and carbo for several weeks, see if there is a significant change of your hormone acne?
  • If so, then how to stabilize the first hormone is right for you.

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2. Manage stress

  • Emotions and hormones are two things that are interconnected.
  • When emotions are unbalanced as for example because of stress, then the function in the body will also be disrupted including hormone production. When under stress, hormone production becomes unbalanced.
  • Therefore you must be good at managing stress.
  • Try to engage in social interactions with positive people, take time out for vacation, and do not keep your own problems so stress can be avoided.

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3. Increase consumption of fibrous foods

  • Excess hormone will be detoxed by the liver and then discarded with other digestive residues, but the body has the ability to pull back because it still assumes if this hormone can be used in the future.
  • Fiber has the ability to bind to hormones that have been removed so as not to be pulled back by the body. Thus the hormone that has been detox will be wasted out of the body.

Tips for Lose Weight After Delivery, Safe For Mother


There are a few things to keep in mind as you lose weight after giving birth. During the first 6 weeks after birth, your body automatically loses fat, both of which heal the body that suits your new energy and habits. Therefore, there is no need to improve the process of weight loss with extreme diets that must divide the food groups so they must eat and should not eat. It is important to eat healthy and nutritious foods to ensure your baby’s milk supply.

Choose the right foods

You do not want to be as thin as if you were trying to reduce your calories. Therefore, it is important to choose the right foods to increase energy for the body, both to provide enough calories and not cause the body to become fat.

The products chosen by mothers to lose weight after childbirth are low-fat milk and fried foods. You can choose fruit and lean meats to make a substitute meal.

Instead of eating a lot in one meal, dividing it into many snacks during the day is the best. The body turns good calories into energy and tends not to be stored as fat.

Exercise and light exercise.

Exercising to help you lose weight after birth is a natural thing. However, once the baby is born, you probably will not have time to go to the gym. However, activity is the key to losing weight, and it’s easier to do than you think. Mom can also apply Yoga Practice.

Yoga is a form of exercise that is primarily used for breathing and helps to lose weight safely and quickly. During pregnancy, your respiratory system should work more if you are not pregnant. And Yoga is the best choice for you. Yoga practice will give the body plenty of good oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Yoga helps your bones become flexible and easy to pass. During pregnancy, free yogic relaxation exercises combine to make you healthier, relieve stress and fatigue.

Learn about Liver Functions

The liver is one of the organs of the digestive system most important for digestion because it has the function of metabolizing and storing nutrients, which are only ready to be absorbed and used by the body after passing through it.

The liver is considered an organ, but at the same time it is a gland, is about 20 cm wide and weighs generally more than 1 kg. It is located in the upper right part of the abdomen very close to the stomach and is subdivided into 4 lobes: straight, left, caudate and square.

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Functions of the Liver in Digestion

The liver is a very important organ for the digestion of food because it is able to:

  • Transforming galactose and fructose into glucose to be used as energy source;
  • Store the glycogen and turn it into glucose by sending it back to the blood again when needed;
  • Transform proteins into amino acids, synthesis of non-essential amino acids and the production of essential proteins, such as albumin, transferrin, fibrinogen and other lipoproteins;
  • Store fat-soluble vitamins and minerals;
  • Filter the blood by sending the toxins to the kidneys to be eliminated.

In addition, the liver transforms fat from food and accumulates it as a source of energy, in which case the person develops a disease called hepatic steatosis, which is when there is an accumulation of fat in the liver, which impairs its functioning.

Liver-related diseases

When the liver is affected by some disease, it is common to have symptoms such as yellowing of the skin and eyes, dark urine, light stools, enlarged liver, swollen, and there may be a pain in the abdomen, especially on the right side after to eat.

However, the liver may also be compromised and the person does not have any symptoms, and changes are found when performing blood tests that evaluate liver enzymes such as ALT, AST, GGT, and bilirubin, or through imaging tests such as CT or ultrasonography, for example.

5 Tips to Help Prevent Infections

Frequent illnesses, like the flu, can quickly become dangerous for a person with sickle cell disease. The best defense is to take simple measures to help prevent infections.


Hand washing is one of the best ways to help prevent an infection. People with sickle cell disease, their families and other caregivers should wash their hands with clean water and soap many times a day. If you do not have soap and water, you can use alcohol-based gels to clean your hands.

When should you wash your hands:


  • Prepare the food
  • Eat


  • Using the bathroom
  • Blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
  • Shake hands
  • Have contact with people or things that can carry germs, such as:
  • Diapers or a child who has just gone to the bathroom
  • Food that is not cooked (raw meat, raw eggs or unwashed vegetables)
  • Animals or animal excrements
  • Trash
  • A sick person

Food safety

A bacterium, called salmonella, present in some foods can be especially harmful to children with sickle cell disease.

How to preserve the safety of food when cooking and eating:

  • Wash hands, wash cutting boards, support surfaces, knives and other utensils after they have had contact with raw food.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating them.
  • Cook the meat well. The juices should be transparent and the interior should not be pink.
  • Do not eat raw or undercooked eggs. Some foods such as homemade Dutch sauce, Caesar dressing and other homemade salad dressings, tiramisu, homemade ice cream, homemade mayonnaise, cookie dough and glaze may contain raw egg.
  • Do not consume milk or other dairy products (cheeses) raw or unpasteurized. Make sure these foods have a label that says they are “pasteurized.”


A bacterium, called salmonella, which may be present in some reptiles, can be especially harmful to children with sickle cell disease. Make sure children do not have contact with turtles, snakes or lizards.


Vaccines are an excellent way to prevent many serious infections. Children with sickle cell disease should receive all routine childhood vaccines plus some additional ones.

These are the additional vaccines:

  • A vaccine against influenza (flu) every year after 6 months of age.
  • Special pneumococcal vaccine (called 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine) at 2 and 5 years of age.
  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) between 6 and 18 years of age, if the child has not previously received
  • it.
  • Meningococcal vaccine, if recommended by the doctor.


Penicillin (or another antibiotic prescribed by a doctor) should be given daily at least until 5 years of age.

Diet and Exercise Tips for Women

Diet and Exercise Tips for Women – Generally women store fat in different places on their bodies than men, which is why Diet and Exercise Tips for Women tend to be a bit different than tips for men. We don’t gain weight in the same ways, so obviously the ways we lose weight is going to be a bit different as well. The basics of weight loss diet tips are still the same, burn more calories than you consume. It is the calorie imbalance that will help you shed the pounds.

Diet and Exercise Tips for Women – Ab Exercises

Ab exercises that don’t involve crunches? They sound like some Diet and Exercise Tips for Women that I can handle!

What to Eat, How to Work Out

Next, let’s discuss how women can lose weight fast with a couple of diet exercise tips:

The safest plan is to aim for аrоund two pounds of weight loss per week; this is healthy but most importantly sustainable. However, thousands of people want answers that come а little faster than this so here are some tips for creating diets that work fast for women.


No, уоu are not goіng tо subsist оn јuѕt water for the next twо weeks! On the other hand, уou аre going tо hаvе to increase уour intake of thіs life-giving substance. Not оnlу is water vital fоr the proper functions оf the body іt wіll tаkе up space in уоur stomach, making уоu feel full.

Diet and Exercise Tips for Women
Diet and Exercise Tips for Women

Drink at the leaѕt onе eight-ounce glass of water befоre еaсh meal or snack аnd you will drastically reduce уоu caloric intake.


Your mother alwауѕ insisted уоu eat yоur vegetables аnd though уоu fed thеm tо the dog undеr thе table, your mom waѕ right. Vegetables аre exceedingly good fоr the body аnd you shоuld aim fоr 10-15 servings рer day іf уou wаnt to lose weight quickly.

Vegetables as а rule аre high іn fiber, which leaves уоu feeling satiated muсh longer than most foods. They alѕo provide vital nutrients to уour body ѕuch aѕ vitamins аnd minerals. More vegetables will mеаn bettеr lооkіng skin, morе energy, and јust оverаll feeling better.

Exercise – Cardio

If уоu thіnk yоu аre goіng to lose weight wіthоut exercise, yоu hаvе listened to оnе too many late night infomercials! Weight loss mіght be achieved bу dietary chаngеs alone, but remember thіѕ іѕ аbоut diets that work fast fоr women.

Cardiovascular routines are considered the fat busters. They raise your heart rate and metabolism to encourage fat burning.

If уou havе beеn trуіng cardio for quite ѕоmе time wіth littlе results, mауbе уou ѕhоuld соnsіder interval training. This іѕ where уou work out lіkе a maniac fоr а few minutes then sink back tо а mоrе manageable level.

Exercise – Strength

Want а toned lean fat burning machine? Include strength training аt lеast everу two days. Build аll thе major muscles in the body at intervals.

For example, today уou might work оn уоur legs, tomorrow cardio аnd the nеxt day work on upper body strength. This iѕ a wholе body approach thаt wіll tone and trim уour body from head to foot.

It іѕ alѕo effective fоr preventing muscle memory, whіch results when уou do the ѕame exercises over and over again. Eventually thе muscle bесome “used” tо thе routine аnd stops responding with growth.


Diets thаt work fast fоr women are gоing to be hard-hitting seriоus affairs thаt include major chаnges to diet аnd exercise. Increase water intake, vegetables, cardio аnd strength training whilе dropping fatty sugary foods аnd yоu wіll begin to see rapid weight loss.

Be warned, however, though thіѕ mау be good to fit іntо that special dress for a reunion іt іs not the beѕt wау to change yоur weight аnd thеrefore уour life. Slow and steady wins the race!

Strength training at least every two days is one of the above Diet and Exercise Tips for Women I personally tend to forget. For the next 3 weeks, I am going to actually schedule in strength training in my daily planner to make sure I’m not slacking on that important aspect of my health and fitness.

What is the Best Weight Loss Diet Available

What is the Best Weight Loss Diet Available? – Most dieters wonder at one time or another wonder the Best Weight Loss Diet is. In truth, they should be asking a slightly different question. The question they really need to find the answer to is, “What is the best weight loss diet for me?” Each and every person on the planet is different. We have different genetic makeup, different body types, different favorite foods, and our bodies lose (and gain) weight differently. Some people are more prone to pack the pounds around their midsection while others gain weight in their thighs and upper arms. So obviously then, there is no one weight loss diet that is going to work for every single person. Because our bodies and lifestyles are different, the key to finding the Best Weight Loss Diet is, to be honest about what you can realistically incorporate into your life over the long term.

What is the Best Weight Loss Diet Available
What is the Best Weight Loss Diet Available

That being said, how can you possibly find the Best Weight Loss Diet for you? Start out by listing the foods you absolutely cannot stand. If you dislike cabbage, a diet which focuses on cabbage soup is not going to be the best fit for you. Are you vegetarian or vegan? Then a low-carb, high protein diet is probably not going to work either. And likewise, if you’re not terribly keen on veggies, then a strict vegetarian or vegan diet is probably not going to be the Best Weight Loss Diet for you either.

Now that you have some ideas about what you don’t want to eat, take a moment to list the things you can’t live without eating. If you have a serious love of chocolate, a diet which completely forbids chocolate in any way, shape or form is going to be very difficult for you to stick to. Luckily, there are diets which allow some types of chocolate, (in moderation of course), and those may be a great place for you to start your search for the Best Weight Loss Diet.

Regardless of which diet plan you select, the Best Weight Loss Diet for you is always going to be the one you can follow for a minimum of 1 month. It takes at least 21 days to make any major change in your life, including diet and exercise. Don’t kid yourself by assuming you can lose weight fast with that cabbage soup diet, even though you don’t like cabbage, by telling yourself, “Well, it’s only for a week.” Quick weight loss diets may help you lose weight quickly, but it always comes back. And generally, the weight comes back with a few extra pounds, just to be safe.

Persistence is the single most important part of any diet program. Regardless of how “quick and easy,” the marketing people or infomercial says a diet is, if you don’t stick to it, it will not work. Not all diets will work for all people. By taking an honest look at the foods you like, and the ones you don’t, you are better prepared to find the Best Weight Loss Diet for you.