4 Simple Electronic Projects for House

An electronic project is something that is easy for us to learn, but unfortunately, some people would have been discouraged first to start making the electronic circuit which in fact is very simple (of course for simple electronics items). There are some simple electronics circuits that you can make yourself at home.

Without the huge cost but the usefulness of all electronics goods that will be needed by us.

What are electronic projects we can make at home?

  1. Make an anti-thief alarm

This electronic alarm anti-theft circuit is actually very simple. Basically, the electronics system here works by utilizing switches A and B. Later if both switch buttons are connected then in a second course this alarm will sound. You can also add lights or sirens.

  1. Sleep gainerelectronic project

A tool to darken your sleep. This will certainly be very useful especially for those of us who experience sleep disorders. You can just make it yourself. This is a fairly simple set of electronics. Basically, this circuit will output sound output that makes the listener will relax and fall asleep.

  1. Electronic mosquito repellent circuit

Still in touch with electronics that produce sound. The results of sound in this electronic circuit will prevent mosquitoes and other insects to settle around the range of sound produced. Oops, but calm down, this sound cannot be heard by humans!

  1. Simple emergency lamp circuit

Other simple electronics circuit that you can apply is to make an emergency lamp which of course we will need very much if one-day electricity in our environment often goes out. You can also add a battery to the power source on this emergency light.

So, how? Have you find the proper electronic project as simple as you want? I hope this article above can meet your need.