Skin Care for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Skin care for dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry skin is caused by an insufficient production of sebum (the skin’s natural lubricant and moisturizer). Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

Dry skin is also often dehydrated. This condition is different from one where the sebum production is less, and oily skin can also be dehydrated.

How will Aromatherapy Help Care for a Dry and Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive and dry skin reddens and itches, and therefore only plant-based, gentle skin care products should be used. Also, sensitive skin demands for lots attention and protection to maintain it well.

The epidermis is that layer of the skin where one concentrates the skin care regimen. The appearance of the skin depends on how fast the dead cells on the surface of the skin are replaced by new cells. The more quickly this process occurs, the softer, smoother and healthier the skin looks.

Aromatherapy promises to improve the turnover rate of the cells. Rejuvenating essential oils stimulates the rapid renewal and regeneration of cells and offers smooth and radiant skin. Also, essential oils help in gentle exfoliation of the dead cells and grime. Most importantly, aroma oils nourish and moisture the skin, making it soft and supple.

What Essential Oils are Suitable for Dry and Sensitive Skin?

The most ideal essential oils to use for a dry skin are:

  • lavender essential oil
  • geranium essential oil
  • neroli essential oil
  • German chamomile essential oil
  • Roman chamomile essential oil

Best essential oils for a sensitive skin are:

  • neroli essential oil
  • Melissa essential oil
  • helichrysum essential oil

Aromatherapy Flower Waters are Recommended for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Flower waters are also highly recommended for skin care. Flower waters or floral waters or hydosols are by-products of distillation of essential oils and are of immense value in skin care along with the essential oils. Flower waters offer a natural and gentle way to tone and refresh the skin after cleansing.

Spray pure flower water on the face and allow it to dry naturally. Floral waters moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated and dewy fresh.

Suitable flower waters include rose water, Melissa water and orange blossom water.

Dry and sensitive skin requires more attention than normal skin. The skin needs to be moisturized several times during the day, using a light base cream. Cleansers, scrubs and toners should be mild and gentle. Also, opting for re-hydrating face packs once a week will yield amazing results.