Tips for Buying an Electric Guitar

Music is something that many people love. Music can give something nice to someone. People’s music tastes are different, so it gives its own color. Music can be generated from musical instruments or things around. Examples of musical instruments such as piano, drums, violin, guitar, and others.

Guitar became one of the instruments that many people liked. Its size is not too big, and the music it produces to make a lot of people love it. One of the most widely used guitars is the electric guitar.

The electric guitar is a guitar that uses pickups that are useful as sound pengunah. Then the sound is turned into an electric current and amplified by sharing a sound system such as loud speaker and amplifier. Therefore the sound generated from the electric guitar is more distinctive and harder.

The earliest history of electric guitars began when many jazz bands needed a louder music sound. Because of that need many people are starting to make the guitar sound becomes harder. Is a Les Paul, a lover of electronics

and a guitar maker. Since then, electric guitars have been widely used by jazz bands and orchestras. The 1940s onwards electric guitars began to be one of the keys to the rise of the era of blues, blues rock, and rock and roll.

7 Tips for Buying an Electric Guitar

For those of you who are in the field of music or just a hobby, electric guitar into one component that makes the music more colorful. If you want to buy an electric guitar, pay attention to everything you need before buying it. Surely you do not want to be harmed with an electric guitar you’ve bought. Here are tips for those who want to buy an electric guitar.

Prepare a budget

Consider the budget needed to buy an electric guitar, because this is very important. Adjust your finances with the electric guitar you want to buy. For some of you who have an excess budget, an expensive electric guitar can be your choice, in addition to the resulting quality is better. But if your budget is minimal, you have to adjust to other needs.

Things you can do if you encounter this condition, you can save first until the budget is enough to buy your desired electric guitar. Or any other option you can buy used electric guitars at a much cheaper price than the new ones. But the quality that a used electric guitar offers may disappoint you.

Body shape electric guitar

The body shape of the guitar becomes one that you should pay attention to. Do not let you buy an electric guitar that size large and not in accordance with your body. Therefore adjust your body with the size of the electric guitar you want to buy. The size of the guitar that fits the body, will make you look cool when playing the electric guitar.

The thickness of the guitar neck

Choose a guitar that has a guitar neck that fits your fingers and hands. Because the guitar neck is too big, can cause the hand feel uncomfortable and easily sore. Adjust the thickness of the guitar neck with your fingers and hands, making you feel comfortable using it and the resulting music becomes qualified.

Strings and fretboard

The distance between the string and the fretboard can affect the sound produced. Note the distance between the two, whether too close or too high.

Play the guitar first

Before buying it, play the electric guitar you want to buy. So you can see if there’s something wrong or not. Definitely you do not want the electric guitar you bought problematic while playing it at home. If you’ve tried to play it before it’s bought, and there’s no problem. Means that electric guitar is worth your purchase.

Pick up

The default electric guitar has 2 pick ups, and both pick ups have their respective functions. Treble sound is generated by pick ups that are in the back. While the pick up is located close to the guitar neck function produces a thicker sound.

The type of music you play

Customize the electric guitar you want to buy with the type of music you play. If you’re playing a jazz or fusion type, do not use an electric guitar to play rock, metal, or heavy metal. Because the votes will be different.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electrical Guitar and with an Acoustic Guitar

The type of music that someone plays is different. That causes the type of instrument that is played is different. Guitar also has several types of different types of music, namely electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric guitar with an acoustic guitar.

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